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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My Blogtrepreneuring Habits!

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This week at Problogger, Darren Rowse has highlighted the need for a blogging rhythm when it comes to writing posts, checking emails and the like. So I thought I would do my own mini-version of how I divide my time up each day.

Now unfortunately for me, I am not able to blog full time, as I go to college from 9-4 every week day. However this is my routine when I come back from school:
  1. Check emails at Outlook and Hotmail, and respond to any queries and offers to swap links
  2. Check my Stats at Statcounter to see how popular my blog has become!
  3. Log into my Adsense account to see how my balance is growing (or not on some days!)
  4. See what's going on in the blogging / business blogging world. This normally involved going to sites such as Problogger, Entrepreneurs-Journey and many others.
  5. See what's happening at the sites that I've linked to (these sites are normally full of quality content).
  6. Log into Small Business Forums to see if I can participate in any interesting threads
  7. Finally, I decide to write a post for Blogtrepreneur, based on the information that I've just read in the blogosphere. In the week days, if I'm feeling tired, these posts are normally short and to the point, but on weekends when Im a bit more lively, I usually get on to doing some key posts.

I generally find that this routine helps me to relax from the hassle of college, but that it helps me to keep in touch with the important news that is happening throughout the internet.

I would love to find out what blogging rhythms other people have, so please feel free to leave a comment.


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