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Thursday, May 11, 2006

An update for my fellow bloggers...

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Hello all,
Well as you can see I have started to experiment more with my Adsense layouts. Instead of using the customary Blogger "I will place your Adsense for you" option, I decided to put a Leaderboard just below the Title Banner. Let me tell you all now that the results have been pleasing and I hope that lots of people continue to click on my links. Also I discovered that channels on Adsense are really useful whilst experimenting and analysing your Adsense.
Whenever you set up ads, just add a channel and that will enable you to analyse how for example your leaderboard is performing, or how many clicks your text link ads are getting for you.
I hope to finish my series on How To Start Your Own E-Business, so if you're waiting for the next instalment in the series, watch this space!
Away from blogging, I have been helping my mum with the new layout of her site, where we hope to increase the amount of visitors to her site, and more sales!
Anyway, this post was just to let you know what was happening. Keep up the blogging!


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