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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Google adds new Referrals and Graphics

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While I was browsing through my Adsense account, I noticed that Google had added new referral products. Among the Adsense, Adwords and Firefox schemes, you can now refer people to Google Pack and Picassa, which is a photo sharing program. For each person you refer to Google Pack you get a $2 commission whilst referring to Picassa will earn you $1, like the Firefox scheme.
The best reward is buy earning $100 every time you refer a customer to Adsense, when the customer himself reaches the $100 dollar mark. Also you earn $20 every time an advertisers uses $100 with Google Adwords.

On top of this exciting news, Google has also just launched the arrival of its new button graphics. In my opinion, they still don't look that appealing, but they are definitely better than the old style buttons.


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