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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Google to rival Paypal?

Being a keen and regular user of Paypal myself, I thought I should bring to attention some great news that I heard that Google is set to be challenging Paypal with their own internet payment service.
Although Paypal continues to earn eBay more than $200 million dollars in a quarter, I've still seen many people complain about account blocking and money problems associated with Paypal. Check them out (beware there are quite a few):

GBuy, is set to be the latest development from The Mountain View in California with owner Eric Schmidt saying that Google Inc. were about to introduce a "person-to-person, stored-value payments system", which apparently is the same description Paypal gives to itself!
I have had a good experience personally with Paypal. All my eBay auctions rely on Paypal, so I shouldn't really be grumbling. Has anyone had any experiences that they would like to share about Paypal?
I think that with Google the way they are, leading the Internet forward, Paypal are no competition to them, who knows GBuy could be eBay's next associate!


  • I have used Paypal for many years and up until recently had no problems. I have now had my account suspended as they claim I am selling multi level marketing scheme. I have gone to great lengths to disprove this accusation but it appears nobody at paypal knows what they are doing. We are actually selling a 'manual' of how to make the best of ebay, how to find cheap items to sell on ebay, how to best advertise etc. We have had the ebook copyrighted and had it approved by ebay but paypal are just not interested.I even suggest people sign up to paypal, well not anymore I now use nochex but the problem with that is people are not familiar with this form of payment and are wary of using it. I have been very unfairly treated by paypal as I have continually proven them wrong with their accustion but as soon as I prove one matter they change their minds and say it's a different problem which I then have to prove all over again. I am continuing to battle it out with them. I got my phone bill yesterday and it shows I have spent 23hrs and 7mins on the phone to them in 2 weeks trying prove THEIR error to no avail as yet. I shall keep you udated if anything changes.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:21 AM  

  • Unfortunately, Paypal's customer service is the main problem in their company. I have read many cases like yours which tell how people have lost £1000's due to Paypal's misconception. Then due to Paypal's low staff figures, there are simply not enough customer support to deal with the problem.
    Hope you get your problem sorted out soon

    By Blogger Adnan, at 9:30 AM  

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