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Monday, March 13, 2006

Battle of The Blogs: Blogger vs. WordPress

Hey Guys.
Well, I thought I should better start writing an article of the best blog around, as Im thinking of changing blogs. Anyone have any recommendations? As you know, I am currently using Blogger made by Google to write all of my articles, however, I found out through forums, that other people had started to talk about other blogging software, like Wordpress. Well, is it really any good? I'll try and outline the main pros and cons of having Wordpress compared to Blogger.

1)Both Blogger and Wordpress are free! However, with the full (and recommended) version of Wordpress, you need to have your own hosting on which to place your blog. Therefore, you also would need your own domain name, which costs around £6-8 for a .com name, with the hosting which starts off at about £3 per month. Blogger 1-0 up!

One of the main things which made me want to try out wordpress was categories. Blogger doesnt have a category feature! Therefore, for all you people out there reading my blog, it probably takes you ages to try and find a topic which you prefer. Wordpress back to 1-1!

3) It is very easy to use Blogger using the WYSIWYG editor, with previews available before you have to publish the article/template. Wordpress, although easy to write articles, does require amateur knowledge of HTML/CSS, which is one of the reasons which I was more inclined to using Blogger. For all you pro's though who can handle the messy stuff Wordpress is the way, but being realistic, most of the population doesnt have a clue about CSS, and WordPress has no preview, so Im afraid that one will have to go to Blogger, 2-1 up!

4) Blogger has few themes. Most of these although 3 column (with room for adsense, affiliates), are pretty similar, and so you cant get any real personalisation. Wordpress on the other hand now has over 400 to choose from, massive choice! Although these dont have the customary 3 columns, they still look pretty damn good, so WP is back on level terms at 2-2!

5) The FTP connection on Blogger is really poor. Although at the moment I only have 10 or so articles, I've heard that if you have 100 articles, it doesn't connect 99 times out of 100, or if it does, it takes an age to upload! WordPress is instantaneuos which another good thing I like about it! 3-2 WordPress Wins!

I think overall, I now prefer WordPress over Blogger mainly because of the customization that's possible, the amount of plug-ins are endless! But now, Im in a dilemna over which one to choose, what do you think I should do? Please reply to this post, or email me using the link in the "About Me" section.

Finally, as I am a broke student, but looking to get a or .com site, I would appreciate any donations. If any of you guys out there have been liking reading and subscribing to my blog, then I thank you for allowing me to continue what I like doing.
Keep doing what you're doing!


  • I have a remotely hosted word press blog at Work At Home Business Opportunities

    I was checking MSN yesterday and it seems of 500 posts, only six were in the database.

    With blogger templates, MSN seems to suck up the pages for lunch... with wordpress... the time line seems infinite.

    For most blogs MSN seems to be the fastest way to get traffic along with Yahoo. So why shoot yourself in the foot using word press. But that's your choice of course.

    By Blogger Chuck Huckaby, at 10:19 PM  

  • Good point, I didnt realise that WordPress articles did not show up much on search engines.
    So would you recommend staying put with Blogger? WIth all honesty, it would save a lot of time sticking to Blogger as I wouldnt have to move all my files, however, other people have commented that I should make the transition to WordPress. I'm in a dilemna!!!
    Thanks for your comment,

    By Blogger Adnan, at 6:24 PM  

  • hey I found an option to the category thing in blogger, use a jump box and paste the java script for the jump box into the -head- and the jump box into the sidebar. then just add you posts to the jump box in whatever order you think your readers would like my page views have jumped two-fold since installing...

    here's the example:

    my other blog:

    By Blogger Michael, at 10:53 PM  

  • Let me just start with saying WordPress rules. I formly used blogger and have no regrets with my switch to WP.

    I don't think wordpress pages have trouble in search engine, especially if you go with the full opensource solution.

    The difference in the search engine results probably has more to do with the content and the webmaster's failure to submit his/her site to different search engines. My blog is only a month old I've got a decent Google inclusion.

    Also, WP is so customizable that you can't tell some sites are using it.

    As far as the WYSIWYG editor, WP has one. It can be turned off if you rather right HTML or PHP.
    Wordpress provides much more power. Like you mentioned, the plugins are endless.

    WP does require some HTML knowledge, but HTML is easy to learn.

    Hosting does cost for the full (definetly recommended) version of WP. Checkout dreamhost (a great web host provider). To waive the $50 setup fee, use promocode mandl when signing up for 1 year of L1.

    I hope this comment isn't too long. I just really like wordpress and thought this might help your decision.

    By Anonymous Mithrill, at 12:22 AM  

  • Thanks for all your comments on Blogtrepreneur Mithrill, your detail is perfect for our conversation starters!

    I would back you up on the fact that Wordpress is the best, all the best blogs are using it. And the fact that it is so customisable means that, I'm going to try and make my blog really good with great navigation.

    Your comments have made me want to get started on Wordpress even sooner, but still got to wait until exams are over!

    By Blogger Adnan, at 9:16 AM  

  • Follow up... My weblog at now has - from what I can tell - everything indexed.

    It just seemed to take longer.

    I suggest testing the waters with blogger.

    Try to use a nice free blogger template like from to jazz it up. That gives you a Word Press feel with blogger simplicity... I do like Wordpress's ability to write today and have it post in the future however.

    By Blogger Chuck Huckaby, at 9:11 PM  

  • Hi Chuck,
    I have already made the transition to Wordpress so please check out my new site at The site is still in beta, although all bugs should be fixed pretty soon.
    Thanks for your comments!

    By Blogger Adnan, at 10:13 PM  

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